Pet-Friendly Essential Oils
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A must-have starter kit for ‘newbies! Includes our PET-FRIENDLY ESSENTIAL OILS BEGINNER GUIDE E-BOOK (50 pages downloadable). Learn how to safely use essential oils around pets, how to dilute the oils, best types of oils diffusers for aromatherapy, how to use topically and the numerous benefits that your 7 Rainbow colors oils are well known for. We only create quality products we use ourselves with our own dogs and that meet our family, friends & pets expectations
Improve your Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Wellness! Experiment and enjoy the numerous benefits of Essential oils! Freshen up the scent of any room and set the desired mood by diffusing the oil that offers you the benefits you seek at that moment. Use also in massage, baths, hair care, skin care, air freshening, compresses, traditional homeopathy, chakra balancing, Ayurveda. But lets look briefly below at some of the reputed major benefits of our 7 essential oils.
Some of the reported benefits! VANILLA Uplifts mood, reduces inflammation, fosters glowing skin/hair. GINGER Empowers with self confidence, eases digestive issues. COPAIBA Relieves pains, balances moods. CEDARWOOD Focuses the mind, discourages crawly critters from pets. MYRRH: self awareness & spiritual peace, top oil in a dog's 1st Aid Kit. FRANKINCENSE Eases arthritis pain, respiratory problems & anxiety. NIAOULI: Gentler than Tea Tree oil; stimulates circulation & brain; boosts spirits; treats bites, cuts, boils.
Our essential oils are 100% premium quality pure and natural oils, generally considered safe to animals. Pre-diluted with safe grape seed & sweet almond oils. For aromatherapy & topical use only, not for internal use. Specifications: Set of 7 oils; Each bottle: 2.4” H x 0.8 Dia; Volume: 0.34 oz (10ml) in amber glass to protect & last longer. Box size: 7.8”x2.8”x1.08” (195mm x 70mm x 27mm); Weight: 10.6oz (300g).
Your search for Pet-Friendly Essential Oils is over! Vanilla - Ginger - Copaiba - Cedarwood - Myrrh - Frankincense - Niaouli 100% premium quality [60% pure oils/ 40% pet-compatible carrier oils]
Pet-Friendly Essential Oils Rainbow Set : US$ 39
7 special essential oils, rarely found in sets, are selected for dogs, cats & house pets as well as the whole family. For yourself or as a thoughtful gift for anyone new to essential oils, our 100% natural oils are pre-diluted [60%] to be safer around sensitive people, kids & our beloved pets. Each 10ml amber bottle with a Dropper Cap gives you better control, one drop at a time! Dark bottles keep oils fresh longer. Well padded to not leak or break during shipping & easy storage.
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